Jessica Sanchez is your next American Idol!

If you fervently agree with the post title then you may have a hard time reading what follows. Because she is not. And people need to lighten up about it. Wahahaha

In a flurry of available and more relevant social topics out there, I choose to delve into this. Why? Because I’m shallow that way and heaven help me but I really am quite apathetic to public governance. Please don’t judge me if I don’t know exactly what Corona does or did (yeah, it’s that bad hahahaha).

So anyway, let’s get something out of the way. I’m not a Jessica Sanchez fan. Sure she’s talented and only an idiot would deny that but I was kind of rooting for Phillip to win. Not that much as a matter of fact because I don’t even regularly watch the show. I just like his style of music is all. When I get up in the morning and think to myself, “Hmmm what good music should I listen to today?”, I immediately think of artists like Jason Mraz, Jon McLaughlin, Jason Reeves, the various Matts (Duke, Hires, Nathanson etc), Kris Allen and other like acts. So yeah, ‘white guy with guitar’ music (sue me…). So when it came to the final two, my fictional vote went to the guy who covered an obscure Damien Rice song.

But again, people need to lighten up about it. I kind of understand the reaction of the whole nation because of our contrived familiarity with the girl but some people are just being mean and unfair. Can’t you just like who you like and not hate who you don’t? I feel like going counter argumentative to all the petty reactions with the recent finale because I feel like they’re ganging up on my boy Phillip Phillips (yes dear reader, please scratch that last phrase from your minds. I knew I couldn’t pull it off but I was still naïve enough to try hahahaha).

First was the fact that he didn’t deserve to win. Why on earth would he not deserve to? He was just as talented as Jessica. You just happened to have different musical preference. People throw around “white guy with guitar” or he’s the “American” in American idol like it’s a bad thing or as if the dude sang off-pitch every performance week. Sure he can’t pull of ‘And I’m telling you’ but that doesn’t mean he lacked talent (and why would he want to, that would be weird hahaha). Carelessly saying phrases like that highly belittles the effort that Phillip gave.

He won’t sell as much records and won’t be as successful. This was a good one. As if Phillip will reap some cosmic karma for winning. Hahaha If we like a musical artist, I don’t think we really care about sales performance do we? Seriously, if people are automatically equating sales to talent then Justin Bieber must be one of the greatest artists of all time (if that statement doesn’t get a vehement reaction then I don’t know what will haha). Acts I’ve never heard of constantly win Grammys so that doesn’t seem to factor much as well.

Sure, he may not sell as many records but who’s to say he won’t be successful? As if American Idols are supposed to be superstars. I doubt Phillips’ brand of music will dominate the pop music genre, do people really expect him to? I don’t think so. And besides before AI, all of these contestants are unknown and now they’re household names. The competition gave them an opportunity to be known. If it weren’t for Idol, they would still be playing at local bars but now they’re signed to major labels and significantly more people know them by name. They get the chance to make music and be heard. They earn while they’re doing what they love. That’s not success? Ask a true artist if there’s anything more important and I doubt s/he’ll say anything different.

My most favorite bitter statement of all is the minority/racism thing. I was really amused by this one. America may not be known for absolute tolerance but to be fair, so is the rest of the world! We just have different versions of it. But that’s not the point. The point is that people claim that America isn’t ready for a minority idol. I think that is just stupid. Blacks may not be minorities but they sure as hell fall into the same discrimination. And people forget that Studdard and Fantasia won consecutive seasons of American Idol. Sure, the voting trend has shifted since then because now, mostly tween girls are voting but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t want a Filipina/Mexican idol. People are acting as if viewers vote for who they don’t want to win. This is not Survivor people. It was a talent/popularity contest. She got fewer votes and was less popular, is it really that controversial? Wahahahaha

And on that matter, would the net votes really count? Wouldn’t they have an ip filter or something so that only US-based ips would count? Unless you use VPN or some shit, I highly doubt that Filipinos here in the country were allowed to vote (I really don’t know by the way hahaha). It’s kind of purpose-defeating if so.

I mean, it’s American Idol. You know, for America. By AMERICANS. What could be more American than a white guy with a guitar? I don’t get why people are acting like we got the short end of the stick. Jessica’s dream wasn’t brutally crushed or anything, if it weren’t for AI then she’ll still be posting Youtube videos hoping someone would recognize her talent. Maybe we shouldn’t equate a reality singing competition to the eternal societal struggle for human rights equality. I think that’s expecting too much. Hahahaha


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