It’s been 3 years to the day and I still dedicate this to you. Rest in peace my friend, take care of my Mom up there for me 😀

fragments of time slither in and out
of consciousness too adamant to forget
clumps of memories eagerly pierce through
a mind set on being alone

for imprints of idyllic afternoons
of carefree and contained moments
of mid-morning hangouts, of light conversation
of dusk rendezvous and frequent inebriation
of hopeless jokes
and even more hopeless songs
mark me as a thing lost,
forever revered but never recovered

the soundless chuckles that never failed to fathom
never to be seen again for they were not heard
the sly grins of amusement, staging your presence and yours alone
now only bound in wisps of ethereal images

so take flight, friend, be rid of all this
to a place for your sake I want to believe in
be privy to the ultimate mystery, the answer we all seek
and let us be, fools who grieve your loss

but take with you our tears, as proof
of the life no one wanted you to leave behind
an unjust barter, my friend, but still
know that you will be missed, my brother
you forever will.


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