Acedia is my persistent playmate,
in the stage of broken dreams
He offers bliss with ingenuity,
carefully wrapped up with false promises
where security is assured
and anxieties are dispelled
while veiling away the stasis the slowly seeps within

Invidia is my secret consort
in a room hidden from me till I need it
She teaches humor, apathy,
cynicism and friendship
ubiquitous in her presence
even when bereft of need
when the fates clock late, I welcome her sneer

Luxuria is the shadow
you pay no heed but leaves you not
a constant reminder of
the base nature you try to rise from
It clouds your vision of pretense
it’s insistent and untimely
makes you yearn for love, pain, beauty, sorrow and ecstasy

Gullia is the unnamed one
moving along with the privileged seekers
we give each other no notice
for He knows me too little
intoxication only pulls so far
though by no means enough to drown
for my sanity is well nurtured by the fair glow of temperance

With His philosophies of thirst
and theories of want
a mentor all the same
Avarithia may very well be
the closest I have to a friend
where answers are not solutions
and everything won’t suffice
I’m an eager student though I long for the search to end

Superbia is a second cousin
once removed
with his distant anonymity
yet contrived familiarity
He actively shares glory
though in ruin,
he remains indifferent
in fame he is by my side but in reprieve he deserts me

Ira is my guardian
He is my ward
my shield and armor
but most importantly,
my weapon of choice
no one bests him in endurance
and his strength, unsurpassed
the one whom I’ll go to the moment, all his brethren are gone.


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