about me

Hi I’m Jet. And this is my blog (now that didn’t sound condescending at all! :D). This is where I would blabber on and on (and on…) about things that interest me, bother me or heck even about something I came across this morning. Please forgive the constant yammering, eccentricities, insanity and whatever bullshit you may come across here. I know I’m weird, too many people have said so to still be disillusioned about it wahahahaha

About me? Hmmm I love the usuals. Reading books, music, surfing the net, social networking, movies. I’m a huge tennis (trans: Novak Djokovic) fan. Although I have no idea how to play the sport, I do watch his matches regularly. Or rather, religiously. Livestreams and all that.

I love comic books. Marvel and DC. Don’t ask me if I collect them, I have nothing to say on that matter. Wahaha

I also love mountain climbing. I guess you could say that I’m a mountaineer. Although when you say mountaineer, images of adventure junkees more extreme than me come to mind. Hahaha I guess you could say that I love walking or trekking, maybe that would be more appropriate. I have developed a patience and penchant for it. I’m an extreme walker, there. 😀

Don’t hesitate to challenge what I think, I love a good argument. I’m not saying that I will be a complete sport about it, but I do love it wahahahaha! Comments are very much welcome, thanks!


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